Graduate Teaching Instructor, University of Arkansas, 2018-2021

Spring 2021: International Logistics, SCMT 3643 (Hybrid, solo instructor)
Section 1 size: 24 Instructor rating: 4.98/5.0
Section 2 size: 24 Instructor rating: 5.0/5.0
Course Description: Logistics activities in international business with special emphasis on international sourcing and distribution channels, international transportation, import and export procedures, international sale and payment terms, and documentation. Special emphasis is placed on current events and their effect on the management of operations of U.S.-based organizations. Prerequisite: ((ECON 2013 and ECON 2023), or ECON 2143) and SCMT 2103.

Fall 2019: Supply Management, SCMT 3613 (Hybrid, solo instructor)
Section 1 size: 28 Instructor rating: 4.83/5.0
Section 2 size: 28 Instructor rating: 4.85/5.0
Spring 2019: Supply Management, SCMT 3613 (Lecture, solo instructor)
Section size: 41 Instructor rating: 4.94/5.0
Fall 2018: Supply Management, SCMT 3613 (Hybrid, solo instructor)
Section size: 38 Instructor rating: 4.70/5.0
Course Description: SCMT 3613: This course covers the critical sourcing and procurement processes: strategic sourcing, source to pay, and supplier relationship management. Additionally, it covers innovative efforts to grow sourcing contribution to demand-driven supply chain integration, including sustainability, technology, and risk management. Prerequisite: ((ECON 2013 and ECON 2023) or ECON 2143)

EMBA Guest Lecturer, University of Arkansas, 2019-2021
Spring 2019: Predictive Supply Chain Analytics, SCMT 5693


UArk PhD Seminar on University-Level Teaching, WCOB 6111 (2018)
Many graduate courses in instructional psychology and technology, BYU (2016-2017)
Academy of Management Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) (2016)


Supply Management, Purchasing, Procurement
Supply Chain Strategy and Logistics
Predictive Analytics